Check out the latest technology in digital apparel printing called DTF (Direct to Film) has arrived making it super affordable to customize apparel and more. The world of customizing t-shirts is starting to grow every day from customers wanting to start a shirt business or clothing line. For most customers the best solution for full-color digital printing has been DTG (Direct to Garment). As of October of 2020 a new technology making it easier to print full color images was released and making it cost effective over Direct to Garment.

Printing full color imagines are simple to do with no required art separation thats used when doing screen printing. Customers can submit their images in a PNG or Tiff format and its ready to go. For the best results we suggest customers to have the design at size or larger than the actual print size so the image does not lose quality.


As DTF slowly comes into the market for decorators, Customers have questions that needs answers. Below we have answered a few commonly asked questions about DTF known as Direct To Film.

What is DTF printing?

DTF standards for ( Direct To Film) which is a new technic of printing that gives an advantage to print a crispy clean transfers onto Lights or Dark Shirts. This printing method can print on 100% Cotton, Polyester, 50/50 Blends, Leather, Nylon and more. 

What is the quality of DTF Printing?

Unlike other transfers from laser and ink yet printers that leave a low quality product after its first two washes. The DTF Printing method holds up very well and leaves no cracks in the imprint. There are several videos on our Youtube Channel that shows the quality of a finished DTF Printing.

What is the difference between DTF and DTG?

If you compare both DTF and DTG the printing process is the same the only difference between the too is how it is printed and the finial touch and feel. Both options are digital printing and require no art separation like needed for screen printing. Where as DTF is printed onto a clear frosted film and then coated with a special powered adhesive thats heated later to stick onto the product, and DTG is printed directly onto the shirt. Now for the touch and feel DTF leaves a feel close but lighter feel than a HTV - Heat Transfer Vinyl. For the DTG the print is directly onto the shirt leaving a smooth feel and the print feels as if the shirt is made with the print. 

What is the cost for DTF?

The cost for DTF is much less than DTG by about 10-15%. If your needing a quick shirt and don't want to pay much then the best print solution is DTF.

Still, have a question?

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