does its best every day to ensure that our prices are the best you can find nationwide. Our sales team is constantly checks our prices to verify you are getting the best price guaranteed. When you compare our prices with our Online competitors, please look at the total price ( Cost of item, shipping cost and applicable taxes) and turn-around time. In the event you may have found a price less than ours you can let us know the source and we will price match our competitors prices. There are thousands of competitors both national and local that at time our sales teams may have missed.

*Guarantee excludes clearance/closeout items, non-retail, private sales, membership clubs, and auction websites. The internet site must have the exact brand and model available for purchase and delivery (Out of stock or back ordered items are not eligible).

Best Price Guarantee Terms and Conditions:

  • Item must be the identical model from an authorized U.S. dealer. Specifically, the product must have the same U.S. manufacturer's warranty, model number, and contain the same features or components. will price match only in-stock products.
  • reserves the right to verify another online company's product availability and price before issuing a price match.
  • does not match auction websites, marketplace websites, or refurbished products.
  • The Best Price Guarantee does not apply to obvious pricing errors or clearance/close-out items.
  • Best Price Guarantee applies to the total purchase price of the item. Total purchase price includes shipping, taxes, or other discounts.

Promotion Terms & Conditions

  • Can not be applied to previously placed orders.
  • Can not be combined with other promotions unless stated.
  • Can not be redeemed for cash or credit & can not be transferred.
  • Promotional conditions subject to change without notice.
  • Offer excludes listings on Amazon/eBay.