Starting A Clothing Line

So, You're Looking to Start A Clothing Line?

Clothing Lines all start with the same questions " What shirt should I use for my clothing line? " " What kind of fabrics should I use " or " What kind of designs will I go with ". All those questions are a great start because here is where your brand will evolve the right niche. At MForia we deal with customers wanting to start their lines or customers who already have a line and are just touching the surface when it comes to choosing the right garment.

1. What market are you targeting

This is the most import and critical stage before moving forward into fabrics and pricing. It's important to figure out if your clothing line will cater to women, men, children, or adults and think of what taste they will like when wearing your clothing. That said, we highly recommend doing some research and see what is trending.

2. When choosing the right shirt

As a shirt printer and someone who wears t-shirts every day, I can relate to just about everyone when it comes to wearing something comfortable. When choosing the right shirt for your clothing line your ideal shirt most be comfortable, soft and perfect fitting. There are several types of shirts to choose from unisex, crewneck, long sleeve, and many others. Most brands usually start with a short sleeve crew neck unisex style like our Bella+Canvas BC3001 or a Next Level NL3600 Unisex Tee. Both shirts feature a ring-spun cotton give it the perfect smooth soft touch.

3. Get Opinions and Feedback

Its import to get feedback from friends, family, or co-workers and see how they feel about the texture, comfort, design and overall quality before you release them to the public. Order samples to showcase and do a wear test to ensure comfort and quality meets your demand. When gathering feedback, you will have a good idea of what changes, improvements or even have the perfect shirts to launch your brand. There's nothing better than getting true honest feedback that will help develop the perfect product. 

4. Choosing the right print shop

The most command search when starting your clothing line is opening google and searching Custom t-shirts near me, clothing line printer, print shirts near me or wholesale custom shirt printer. While searching for a t-shirt printer you find tons of shops out there, but not all of them are created equal. There are several shops that stick to one type of printing method and use water-based inks or plastisol inks. It’s always best to pay them a visit and look through samples and see if they have good quality work. At MForia we will help you choose the right style of garment and imprint like embroidery, screen printing, direct to garment or sublimation. If visiting another print shop talk to them see if you can connect and build a great relationship with them. We suggest finding a print shop that cares about your interest and not just about the money. 

5. Marketing

Once you're have your shirts, it's time to release and market the heck out of them! It's important to understand that marketing plays a big role when releasing and trying to bring in sales. Online store may look nice but in order for customers to start buying you need to do marketing in for customers to see your products. No deciding whether or not you want to market on social media, do pre-sales, run ads or sell your products at an event is important. The easiest and most effective way to market your clothing lines products is through social media ads. We can all relate that in 2020 most of us are one social media over 80% of our time. This is a great way to push traffic to your brands social media and site for sales conversions. We would also suggest using a opt-in newsletter to generate re-marketing campaigns and increase more sales. 

Want to talk?

Still need more advice on starting your line. Don't let your questions be unanswered and give us a call or visit today and let MForia guide you on the right path in designing the perfect clothing line.