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There are several good methods of having custom t shirts printed. At MForia.com we get asked the most " Do you guys print images on t-shirts? " and well as you know yes we can. Whether you're a business looking to brand shirts to give away to you're employees or if you're a graphic designer starting a clothing line, We can print all types of designs onto t-shirts. 

Mforia.com is a Full Service Print Shop that brands and customizes products for businesses and those seeking to create a custom product throughout the nation. As leader in full service printing we want to answer a popular question asked a lot and thats " What is the difference between Screen Printing and DTG ". While this question is asked almost every day its time to dive in and explain it.


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Screen Printing is a process also known as Silk Screen which setup into different prep stages before you're ready to print onto a t-shirt, poster, box or any other custom product that can be screen printed.

The first step is to create a positive. A positive is printed onto a clear transparent film or if your up with the tech, there is a new technic being used that allows you to print directly onto the screen using a special digital printer used for better quality and less film storage. Once the positive is create we move onto the burning of the screen. When burning we us UV Lighting to expose our image onto the screen. The next step is pretty easy, all we need to do is rinse the screen to clear off the exposed image and then left to dry. Once Dried each screen is loaded onto you're press and aligned to print.

The durability of a Screen Product is endless and can last you a life time. Colors and quality are crispy and clean throughout the life time of the product. If you we're to ask "Do You Like Screen Printing" and we will say "Yes but Screen Printing is a labor-intense and time consuming process that leaves great results". 


DTG Near Me

Direct To Garment also known as DTG is a much simple an easy process that allows artwork to be printed directly onto a t shirt. With the process being simplified it also has more advantages over screen printing. When printing with our DTG method it allows us to print full color images onto shirts with just a few clicks. For full color images in screen printing we would need to break the image into a 4-color process using CYMK to print the image. The 4-color process is costly and not worth doing when printing only one or two shirts. 

The durability of Direct to Garment (DTG) is also great but there is one thing to keep in mind after the first wash the color will settle and be a little dull from how it originally looked. This is because the colors are still sitting on top of the shirt and when washed the remain colors that are setting are washed away leaving you with the final print. So, if you looking for Direct to Garment Shirts near me or Screen Printing Shirts Near Me you now have insider on the difference between Screen Printing and Direct to Garment (DTG). 

Which Printing Method is Best?

This question is very simple if your looking for better pricing, Screen Printing is much cost effective when doing bulk orders as some designs may not need full color. If your design happens to have a lot of colors and details well DTG will be the best method to capture the results you are looking for. 

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Still have questions? Contact us and let one of our team members answer your questions. MForia is a company you can trust for quality products serving nation wide and our local friends in Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Davie, Weston, Miami and the Palm Beaches.


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