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1. Logos

Printing Custom Logo Stickers

If you’re looking to make an impressionable statement through your logo then we suggest use unique shapes to make the ideal stickers. When printing stickers there are many ways stickers can be printed. Home made sticker making is simple and easy by just heading over to your local supply store and buying sticker paper and printing them on your home printer. When printing stickers with mforia there are many shapes and sizes to choose from. Our most popular shapes are die-cut. Die Cut is where we cut the sticker in the shape of your logo leaving it a unique and one of a kind sticker. When printing custom die cut stickers you will find that its clean and unique shape makes it more personal towards your brand or design.

2. Promotional Stickers

Trade shows, conventions, networking events all have at least one thing in common: giveaways! Potential customers are your target audience at these types of events, so it’s best to have some sort of promotional giveaway to pass out. Promotional stickers make the perfect giveaway as it's cost effective and who doesn't like a cool metallic sticker or a holographic sticker. When passing out stickers your making an impact in outreach marketing because you give them a unique giveaway product to remember you by.

3. Merchandising Stickers

Adding stickers to your merchandise is another great way of bring brand awareness. When your just starting off a clothing or any other type of product to sell, one of the most import thing is attracting the customer and making them a repeated customer. Your product must have a feel as there getting more than what there paying for. Just like giving customers discounts when reaching an amount or buying a special targeted product to get one half off. Giving customers free stickers makes it easy to spread the brands outreach with its consumers. There are several case studies made that show over 90% of customers who are given stickers with products will put them on everyday use items like their cars, laptop, doors and etc. So what are you waiting for? Expand your brands out reach with merchandising stickers.

4. Service Stickers

Are you an A/C company or a company that provides a service? Then using a service sticker makes the perfect giveaway item for customers. When printing service stickers you're allowing the customer to reach you the next time they have a problem. Sure you can pass them a business card but some get lost or thrown away. The most effective away to stay in touch with your customer is to put a sticker on your customers window, A/C Unit or somewhere the customer does not mind having one placed. For questions on making custom services stickers with your companies name contact us through our contact form or give us a call at 954-404-8103.

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