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Is Screen Printing Really Worth the Price Tag?

It’s 2023 and there are tons of printing options out there, and each one offers a unique style, technique to make the outcome either be a wow factor or just the best price for your budget. It’s even come that sometimes you choose the style of print based on what your budget is at the moment and the outcome is not the best and have damaged or lost custom printed t-shirts.

Here at we’re going to break it down and give you valuable information onto why Screen Printing is really worth it’s price tag for 1 - The outcome, 2 - The life lasting, and 3 - The Price tag when it comes to ordering custom printed t-shirts in bulk for your Organization, Clothing Brand, School, or a Business.


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Screen Printing Custom T-Shirts 

A little fun fact of how screen printing is processed is using a stencil screen covered in emulsion a thick material that reacts to light allow whatever is black to be exposed and the rest be covered and sealed. Once an image is burned from a film positive its ready to be pushed through with any choice of water based or plastisol ink with a squeegee. This is pretty much the theory, but it can be really technical when dealing with special types of inks or when we move towards screen printing with an automatic press which can print hundreds custom t-shirts per. Hour.

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The Pros and cons of Screen Printing

Like all imprint methods there are always Pros and Cons to every type of Custom Printed T-Shirt. Below we leave a set of our Pros and Cons of screen printing but keep in mind that cons don’t always mean it’s for every type of custom screen-printed t-shirts. 

Pros: When it comes to screen printing there are a lot of pros, One of the pro that sticks out the most is the high quality of print you get when using screen printing as your method of imprint for custom t-shirts. With the high quality being one of the pros you get more vibrant colors with your prints on custom t-shirts. Unlike companies that offer print on demand, there imprint method is more of a digital base leaving you a much crispy print but once washed that colors lose there vibrant. Another pro is if wanting a soft screen print then using Water-Based inks is one of the best solutions to screen print with a soft feel print that last long. While we kind of touch the subject of water-based screen-printing life lasting, Screen Printing has the most long-lasting life of its prints as the prints do not crack after washing your custom t-shirt more than 60 washes. Unlike other printing methods screen printing shirt life is known to be the longest.

Another great pro for custom screen printed t-shirts are for those looking to order in bulk maybe ordering (25 or More Custom Printed T-Shirts) The setup is used to print multiple shirts at a time doesn’t matter if your printing 25 shirts or even 10,000 shirts – You will always get the same print and same color.


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Cons: The most popular cons of screen printing are printing short runs of custom t-shirts. The amount of time it takes to set up and align screens to print small orders of shirts does not meet the cost it would take to print 1 shirt. Screen printing is based on individual colors per screen it’s not the best cost-effective trying to print a 3-color design on 2 shirts. Most screen printers in your area have a set minimum on screen printing custom tees which is usually 24 shirts up to 4-colors max. Screen Printing is not the best solution if looking to print 5 shirts for yourself or a basketball team.

The second common con is screen printing is thicker when printing photorealistic images. It pretty difficult as well as it takes a lot of screens to blend colors together to make your image be used in screen printing. This type of print is usually known as 4-color process. For full color images the best solution is Digital Printing like (DTF Known as Direct to Film or DTG known as Direct-to-garment). With digital printing you will always get a smoother and crispy print on high-quality images.


Is Screen Printing Price Point Worth it?

The answer to that question is simple. If your printing shirts to sell online or for a cause then yes, as its price point is broken down on ordering more than 24 custom print tees. When order shirts over 100 with a one-color, One-Location screen printed the price on our Gildan 5000 is $6.39 and customers receive free shipping on orders over $250 or more.

If you’re a business owner or a store manager looking to make shirts for your staff, then of cause screen printing will be your worth paying for as mentioned before the more you order the lower your cost per. Shirt you’re paying. 

Now if you’re on a budget we recommend reducing the amounts of colors using to screen print your custom t-shirt as screen printing is based on quantity / colors used / locations. We always recommend companies to print one color front and back as staff shirts are given away most of the times and will always be beat in the field. This is mostly for business in the construction, restaurant industry, or those who will be mostly working outdoors.


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Is Screen Printing Right For Me?

Screen Printing is already the right move when you’re up for the quality and profit margins, Screen Printing will always be the right choice for your pockets. If your seeking quality then there are different levels for your outcome as there are water-based prints, plastisol prints, screen printed puff, and addictive to make effects like glitter, glow in the dark, and other unique types of prints. Now most import if you’re looking for profit margins then it’s a no brainer the more you order the less, you’re paying per shirt making your profits higher.

The only reason screen printing will not be right for you is when you want a very accurate photorealistic print. If that’s the case, the right choice for your will be to print digital with either DTG (Direct-to-Garment) or DTF (Direct-to-Film).

If you’re needing to stock up on employee gear, a church, or even for non-profit ordering volunteer t-shirts, to evening a clothing brand who are printing shirts to sell and turn more profits, then screen printing right for you!

Are you ready to start making your own custom screen-printing t-shirt? If so, then let’s get you start today and browse through our wide selection of products available to screen print.


For more information on Gildan products please don't be afraid to give us a call and speak with one of our product experts.

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