5 Reasons why gildan is common in USA

A Little History of Gildan Activewear

To understand the 5 reasons why Gildan is common in USA you need to know a little of the companies history.

Every looked around at how many t-shirts people wear? Who makes them? You may find that every person owns a Gildan t-shirt. Unlike most popular brands like addidas, nike, next level any many more garment manufactures. Gildan has been around for over since 1984 and was established by Glenn Chamandy, Greg Chamandy in Canada.

It started as a fabric manufacture to supply Harley Inc., the children's wear business already owned by the family. It later expanded to sell t-shirts made of 100% cotton to wholesalers, which resold them to United States and Canadian screen-printers, to be decorated with designs and logos. By 1994, Harley was closed in order to focus on the expansion of what had become Gildan Activewear.

Gildan has factories in low-wage countries like Honduras and Haiti, and that has allowed Gildan to lower its price per shirt to below that of Chinese manufacturers as of 2006.

By 2001, Gildan was the leading distributor of 100% cotton T-shirts in the US as determined by the ACNielsen S.T.A.R.S. Report.The next year, the company opened a knitting, bleaching, dyeing, finishing, and cutting facility in Rio Nance, Honduras.

In 2010, the company invested $15m in Shahriyar Fabric Industries Limited in Bangladesh to support planned growth in Asia and Europe.

In May 2012, Gildan again expanded with its purchase of 130-year old apparel maker Anvil Holdings, Inc., the parent company of Anvil Knitwear and producer of environmentally-friendly lines of sustainable, recycled, and organic apparel.

Gildan bought a 30-second spot to air an advertisement during the third quarter of the 2013 Super Bowl. The ad was part of an overall $25 million marketing push created by DeVito/Verdi, which included broadcast, print, digital, event marketing, and public relations. Gildan started speaking to the media about its Super Bowl ad in early December 2012.

The company also sponsored the Gildan New Mexico Bowl, which was played December 15, 2012 in Albuquerque. In 2014, Gildan Activewear acquired Doris Hosiery for CA$110 million. In February 2015, Gildan announced its intent to purchase the Comfort Colors brand and assets, for a total purchase price of approximately US$100 million. Comfort Colors is the leading supplier of garment-dyed undecorated basic T-shirts and sweatshirts for the North American print wear market. In 2016, Gildan Activewear announced its $55 million purchase of PEDS Leg wear. In 2017, Gildan Activewear purchased American clothing company American Apparel for $88 million at auction. This deal did not include retail locations.

So why is Gildan Common In The United States?


  • Around the 90s Gildan switched to creating 100% cotton t-shirts and reselling them to the US to screen printers and garment decorators.


  • If you have customized a shirt then the first option a screen printer offer their custom is Gildan because as a decorator in apparel. Gildan has been a perfect budget tee with the quality of durability.


  • With major manufacturing outside the US to keep up with its demand, we can open up our dressers and find our popular Disney, NFL, or even a shirt given to us at an event made by gildan. 


  • Gildan's brightness and rich color options have made major impact when selecting a custom printed t-shirt. You will find that unlike other brands Gildan has a great color option in sweatshirts, polos, and t-shirts to choose from.


  • Gildan's vision has always been to become an American house hole name and bring a brand that can not be compare by its strength in quality, production to reproduce, and most important its durability.

So whats in your closet?

As a owner of a leading print shop in the heart of Pompano Beach, Florida I am proud to have a quality brand like Gildan to have our backs when custom printing our customs favorite t-shirts.

For more information on Gildan products please don't be afraid to give us a call and speak with one of our product experts.